April 10 2014, 2pm

someone call a doctor
this song is an Overdose
hey doctor~ EXO are too much for me to handle…

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February 15 2014, 1pm


EXO Gaon Awards Thank you message.

December 10 2013, 10am

fangirls: Krease i love you~
Kris: love is not my style .

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November 21 2013, 12pm

Warrior by Luhan and Chanyeol || Times played:194,021

chanyeol and luhan singing bap’s warrior

October 18 2013, 8pm

촌스럽게 왜 이래 (You don`t know love) by K.Will || Times played:283,277

촌스럽게 왜 이래 (You don`t know love)

just perfect ♥♥

October 12 2013, 4pm


If you ain’t know why Lay is called bunnyixing, now you know.

cr to the owners

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